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This World Diabetes Day,

we want to give nurses all around the UK their time to shine.


Not everybody realises the hard work and dedication of nurses who care for people with diabetes, but we want to change that. Here at COUCH Health, we want to give nurses the recognition they so rightly deserve. 


We’re looking for nurses who care for those with diabetes to take part in our upcoming video campaign, to help shed light on what it truly means to be a diabetes nurse. If you’re a UK nurse who cares for people with diabetes, we’d love for you to take part, and it’ll only take a few minutes of your time.

If this is something you’re interested in, are you willing to send us a short video clip? 

If so, please have a look at the following questions:

  1.  What inspired you to become a nurse?

  2.  What’s the most challenging part of caring for those with diabetes?

  3.  What’s the most rewarding part of caring for those with diabetes?

Then, send us your responses to us as a video — that’s it!

It only needs to be about 1–3 minutes long and can be filmed on your mobile phone.

We’ll use your response, along with others, to make a compilation of answers for our campaign video. This will be posted across our social media accounts.

To submit your video response, please fill in your details and upload.

Please provide your email address so we can let you know when the campaign goes live

Please upload your video here

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