White paper:  The power of a clinical study website

Uncover the true potential of clinical study websites

With 8/10 prospective patients beginning their journey to care online, 43% of patients searching the internet to for clinical study information, and 70,000 health related Google searches made each day, information on your clinical study needs to be online and easy to access.


Why? Well, because awareness of clinical studies is still extremely low among the general population, and information is difficult to find and hard to understand. The fact is, without an effective clinical study website, your study simply doesn’t exist in the eyes of those who you need to engage with most.


So, despite patient engagement and patient centricity being a huge focus for the industry for a while now, any action taken in moving in the right direction has failed to filter into creating clinical study websites. But now is your chance to change this, with our expert help and guidance…


To understand the current face of clinical study websites, and for expert guidance on how to create a website that engages patients before, during and beyond a clinical study, download our latest white paper: Unleash the power of a clinical study website to engage patients and inform HCPs.


Download now to understand:

  • Why we’re talking about clinical study websites

  • The current face of clinical study websites

  • How to create an effective clinical study website + checklist

  • The key content clinical study websites need to consider

  • The importance of engaging with patients during the clinical study

  • And how and why you should engage with participants following a clinical study