Patient recruitment and retention experts

What we do

(with a human touch)

Making health human means that everything we do puts people first.


Pharmaceutical, biotech and life science companies turn to us to help them build strong connections with, and improve outcomes for, the people who matter most: patients.

We do this by improving the patient recruitment and retention to clinical studies with creative solutions that build better experiences and outcomes for clinical study participants.

We specialise in bringing the human touch to healthcare by:

Creating patient engagement materials that are actually read and understood.


Generating deep insights that build patient-centric clinical study materials.


Developing compelling creative advertising and marketing that improves clinical study patient recruitment and retention.





Patient recruitment and retention planning

We take the ‘error’ out of human error – so you’re left with smart, insightful, human-focused planning. From patient recruitment and retention strategies to patient engagement campaigns, we’re experts in knowing where and how to engage with real people, on a real level.


Some clinical study patient recruitment and retention planning services we offer:

Market research

Social listening

Patient experience mapping

Global recruitment 

Global retention planning

Recruitment feasibility




Study and site support

Good design speaks to the whole body. It’s emotional, impactful and engaging. It can tell a story in a glance, transform complicated information into clear and concise content, and persuade people on an emotional level. With our understanding of design, and the complexities of patient recruitment, we can provide expertise that will increase the awareness of your study.

Some study and site services we offer:

Clinical study name and logo creation

Study material writing and design

Cultural adaptation of study materials

Study websites

Print and artwork management

Investigator & site staff training and meetings




Patient recruitment advertising campaigns

Integral to our mission to improve everyone’s lives, we guide the creation of content that real people can find, understand and use to make informed decisions. That can motivate action, inspire change and give people the confidence that healthcare exists to improve their lives.

Some patient recruitment and site services we offer:

Online screening

Digital marketing

Informed consent videos

TV ads

Radio ads

Print advertising




Patient advocacy, and diversity & inclusion

Developing relationships with patient advocacy groups is vital to the success of any clinical study. If your study needs to reach an established patient group, or a minority population, then you’ve got to engage community leaders, patient advocates, and key opinion leaders throughout the development process. By developing these relationships with your target population your study will be welcomed and trusted. And we’re here to help get you there.


Some of the patient advocacy and diversity & inclusion services we offer:

Patient advisory boards

Patient focus groups

Diversity & inclusion consultation

Advocacy group support

Patient reminder tools

Patient exit interviews




Participant retention strategies and collateral

Many of our team are from a behavioural health background which means we like to think we understand people better than most. Add this to our people-focussed approach, and we’re able to create motivational strategies to ensure participants remain in your study.


This can involve:


Recognition items

Digital support tools

Patient portals

Patient experience surveys

Site engagement support

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