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Uni vs. reality: My placement at COUCH Health

Firstly, allow me to introduce myself: I’m Lucy - an advertising student at Falmouth Uni. And for two weeks, I joined the COUCH Health team.

When I first secured my placement at COUCH Health, I thought I’d be at my desk for every hour of the day, from 9am to 5.30pm, working on a brief. It’s safe to say that my perception of a placement in an agency was akin to a bog-standard office job - 8 hours glued to a Mac. It turned out that my experience at COUCH Health was so much more…

Day 1

On my first day, I was greeted by everyone: the whole team in all their glory. I met the directors and the design, copy, accounts and digital teams. Oh, and I can’t forget about Dave the dog, aka the office manager! I thought about how all these people would be in such close proximity every single day. I couldn’t help but imagine some kind of mass fight breaking out by the end of each day. Creatives and suits in one room? Not a good mix right? The accounts team would be chasing the directors, the writers chasing the designers, and Dave would be… well, he would just be looking for food (chicken nuggets to be precise). But in fact, the reality was the total opposite. Everyone sat sharing ideas, listening to each other and working together as a collective. I know, imagine that!

The brief

After getting a real feel for the company, COUCH Health asked me to work on a project for their 1m Lives initiative. The brief was to create a campaign to encourage people to be nicer to each other, with the ultimate goal of raising awareness about the impact that online negativity can have on people’s mental health. From the outset, everyone wanted to help me as much as possible. Katie and Ash, the two directors, encouraged my concepts and welcomed even my crazy ideas. Even if Ash did bring out the occasional dad joke, the whole team always made me feel at ease. During my time at COUCH Health I was given the support I needed to bring my concept to life, and will be working on it until I’ve got it to a point that I’m proud of for the agency to launch. I can’t wait!

Making career decisions

I came to COUCH Health unsure of what path to take. Art director or copywriter? Everyone on both sides made me feel so welcome and offered me the positives and negatives of both roles. Secretly, I think the design team wanted me to become an art director, and the copy team, a copywriter. So what did I decide? Well, I like to think that as a creative, I can turn my hand to both. But if I was to specialise, I’m leaning more towards art direction (sorry copywriters!)

As my placement was coming to an end it, I realised how valuable my time at COUCH has been and how much they helped me with my work. It’s been so nice to feel valued by an agency while also gaining experience. Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a better agency to work for.

Thanks COUCH Health.

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