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My summer at COUCH Health

After reading COUCH Health’s initial statement - ‘a new breed of health communications agency that exists to improve everyone’s lives’ - I was immediately intrigued by what the company was all about, and what made them so different from the rest. When I received the news that I had successfully got myself onto an internship a few weeks later, it’s safe to say I felt a mixture of emotions. Travelling to a city that I was not familiar with, and working in an office environment for the first time was a daunting prospect, but I was excited and ready to get stuck in to see what the next 3 months would entail.

Initially, the internship was set up for me to conduct research as part of my MSc thesis in The Psychology of Advertising. The research explored poster advertising in clinical trials and assessed which techniques were most effective in recruiting patients. The findings from this research will not only form my MSc thesis, but also provide valuable insights and practical recommendations for pharmaceutical companies conducting clinical trials. Although I have predominantly focussed on this, the internship evolved into much more than just research as the weeks progressed. I have gained crucial experience in understanding how an agency runs, gained vital skills in account handling and developed my abilities in copywriting, time management and creativity.

The managing directors, Ash and Katie, have been more than helpful in ensuring I get the most out of my internship. They have offered advice on career paths, provided training courses in account management, and have involved me in all aspects of the company – from copywriting, to even designing on the odd occasion! Developing skills in a variety of areas not only helps me figure out where my strengths lie, but also enables me to explore roles I had not previously considered before.

When I think back to what I thought office life would it like, it was bleak white walls and grumpy co-workers all waiting for the working week to be over. However, thankfully, COUCH Health is the complete opposite from that. From our colourful office space (which includes Lego AND dogs…), our daily huddles which allows everybody to be up-to-date on what’s going on, to the friendly team who are all passionate about what the company stands for. I definitely feel lucky to be working in such an encouraging and stimulating environment.

Securing this internship towards the end of University has been invaluable for me. Unfortunately, throughout my education, I have never been confident on a set career path or a career end goal, which made applying for jobs difficult. However, working with COUCH Health has allowed me to become more aware of different job opportunities that could be suited to me, and opened me up to agency working life. If this experience wasn’t already valuable enough, I have also been offered a full-time job within COUCH Health as a Junior Account Executive after my internship, which I am delighted to accept! Luckily for me, my time at COUCH Health doesn’t have to end after my internship, and I am excited to continue to grow with this ambitious and inspiring company.

If you’re looking to gain an internship / job working in a creative and upbeat agency, I highly recommend emailing COUCH Health to see if they have any opportunities available for you!

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