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COUCH lands new mission: to make health human

When you work in the world of healthcare and pharmaceuticals, it’s easy to forget what, or rather, who is at the heart of everything we do. Yes, healthcare is a service. Within it are products, budgets, targets and regulations. But behind these factors are people: the reason for the industry’s entire existence.

As an agency, we felt that the reason for our existence had become muddied. Our purpose felt a little out of focus. So, we took some time to take a step back and revaluate who we do all this for, why we do it, and what we want to achieve. And suddenly, it all became clear…

We exist to improve everyone’s lives

COUCH was born out of the very personal experience of one of our founders losing their father to prostate cancer. The unsatisfactory health information, communication and understanding – and the subsequent life-threatening consequences – highlighted a need for the industry to do better. And we weren’t about to leave it to chance for change to happen.

So, COUCH was created. A new breed of health communications agency that exists to improve everyone’s lives. That specialises in connecting with people. That is now on a mission: to make health human.

Same passion, new mission

To make that mission clearer, easier to understand and easier to land, for us and for everyone who works with us, and for who we work for, we’ve stripped back our website. We’ve put what we’re about and what we stand for upfront. And we’re inviting others to join us on our mission of improvement.

Because collectively as an industry, as a community, as the human race, we will all benefit. Because at the heart of everything we do, are our fellow humans.

Take a look around our new website. You’ll see that we’re the same as we’ve always been, only now our cause, our reason for being, and how we’re approaching our goal for change is crystal clear. And if you agree, and want to join our mission, just get in touch!

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