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Bringing a sense of purpose to clinical studies

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industries are now full of organisations who claim to be patient centric. Are they really holding true to this? We think more action is needed. One way to do this is by re-connecting people with their sense of purpose.

Focus on empowerment

Most, if not all, of those who choose to work in the healthcare industry have a genuine desire to help people, improve lives and provide the best care or treatment available. It is easy to forget the moral reasons behind your job if you are overworked in a high-pressure environment. This can negatively impact clinical study recruitment as pharmaceutical companies focus on short term business goals more than patient centricity, and healthcare professionals may not have clinical studies at the top of their priority list. To help overcome this, the industry needs to focus on empowering people through their sense of purpose. By enabling people to be patient centric, they are given the energy, inspiration and freedom to do what they have always wanted to.

Engage effectively

For patients and care givers, healthcare professionals are the most trusted source of information about clinical studies. However, clinical studies may not be on the radar of a research nurse or doctor if they haven’t had time to learn about the study or don’t have access to information about it. Organisations running clinical research studies need to recognise this if they want to engage with healthcare professionals. These issues can be overcome by these organisations ensuring they work with healthcare professionals effectively. Healthcare professionals can even become advocates for studies if they are well-informed, and companies who struggle with where to start when it comes to patient centricity could benefit from training workshops.

Everyone in the healthcare industry needs to remind each other of why they are here. Bring everything back to the patients and care givers – once people tap into their patient-focused sense of purpose, they can move forwards with truly achieving patient centricity.

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