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Patient retention

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To maximise retention, you need to know what motivates and deters patients who are eligible for your study or already taking part.

Our behavioural science experts use patient insights to inform bespoke patient retention strategies that keep dropout rates to a minimum, whether it’s through optimising the study design or patient experience.

Part 1

Identify patient barriers to participation

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Inconvenient location

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Condition not improving

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Schedule conflicts

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Financial constraints

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Fear and

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Lack of appreciation

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Personal/family maters

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Physically unable

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Refusal to comply

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Misunderstood expectations

Part 2

Co-create motivating collateral and implement patient engagement technology solutions

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Recognition items

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Digital support tools

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Patient portals

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Patient experience surveys

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Site engagement support

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Client:  Emerging biopharmaceutical company

Indication:  Type 2 Diabetes

How COUCH Health rescued a phase III clinical trial

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Client:  Biotechnology company

Indication:  Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder

How our technology solutions reduced investigator site burden and improved patient retention

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