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Patient partnerships

Give patients a voice to better understand their needs and improve experiences

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We want to live in a world where people are able to take control of their health, and feel confident that they have all the information they need. Where their experiences, opinions, wants and needs are the most important thing. And where their voices are heard. Our patient partnerships are instrumental to achieving these goals, by helping us to create authentic connections with patients and increase the chances of successfully enrolling and retaining patients onto your study.

Imagine how rewarding it would be if your clinical trial could reach out to patients who already have the knowledge and understanding of potential developments in how their condition is treated. Patients who feel empowered to be a part of progress and creating the future of their treatment.


Advocacy groups, patient advocates, key opinion leaders and influencers are all doing an amazing job of educating and supporting people with their conditions. Our relationships with them give us, and you, access to an engaged audience who will be receptive to hearing about your study and more likely to enrol on it.

Engage with empowered patients

What do our partnerships look like?

Patient advisory boards


Patient group protocol feedback


Patient focus groups


Patient group member-focused outreach


Patient group relationship development


Community outreach and events


Patient conference planning and support


How our partnerships can benefit your study


Create connections with the most trusted resources in the community

Establish relationships with the patient communities that will improve study enrolment

Connect with an empowered and engaged audience through advocacy outreach

Incorporate the patient voice into your communications and study design, to ensure they resonate with the right patients

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