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Patient insights

The start of your journey to success

Without genuine insights, everything you do is based on assumptions that could lead to missed targets, delays and substantial costs. You need to fully understand the patient voice so it remains at the heart of everything you do, helping you to overcome the challenges you face.


Whatever stage your study is at, we use an array of effective methods to conduct patient research and gain insights that will ultimately benefit both the patients and you.

How we get the right insights for your study

Early immersive research into the lives, culture and situation, virtually or in-person


Dyad, triad and focus groups

Opening the opportunity for discussion on different study experiences, in-person or remotely 

Pre, during and post clinical study; in-person or remotely

Individual interviews

To gain feedback and insight to guide the design of clinical studies

Patient surveys

Interactive discussion among participants and a moderator

Moderated online communities 

In-person and virtual, with specialists and patients

Advisory boards

Wider, detailed audience analysis for deeper insight into personality, opinions and interests

Social media listening

Lexicon and dialogue analysis  

Online, social media, forum searches and analysis to uncover extreme opinions

Helping patients to understand the clinical study process step-by-step

Patient journey modelling

To gain insight into what can be improved for the real clinical study

Mock study simulations

Co-creation sessions 

Bringing HCPs, sponsors and patients together to ensure the patient voice is heard throughout the design of the clinical study

Patient videos

To inform potential patients on what to expect from clinical studies, the benefits of clinical studies, and to hear others’ experiences to encourage recruitment pre-study, during studies, to increase engagement, and post-study to gain feedback

The power of patient advocacy groups

You need strong relationships with a global network of patient advocacy groups to help you gather insights, but the red-tape in your organisation could be holding you back. At COUCH Health, we’ve already built these relationships and are ready to liaise with advocacy groups and patients across numerous indications, including:

Psoriatic arthritis

Heart failure

Rheumatoid arthritis

Breast cancer

Crohn's disease

Pancreatic cancer

Manic depressive disorder

Non-small cell lung cancer

Prostate cancer

Diabetic kidney disease

Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis


Ulcerative colitis

We help you create and implement initiatives based on real data and powerful insights

Improved decision-making for future trial designs and processes

and engaging
patient retention initiatives

Relevant and impactful patient recruitment strategies

Stronger and more successful clinical study designs

Informed evidence plans for product approval and launch

See the stats

Client:  Mid-size biopharmaceutical company

Indication:  Breast cancer

How our patient survey increased understanding of the patient experience

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