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Patient engagement solutions for medical device clinical trials

Meet regulations and strengthen your trial at the same time

Medical device companies

The medical device industry is continuously evolving, and achieving success requires innovation and compliance with the latest regulations. It’s essential to follow patient engagement guidance from the FDA, stay up to date with regulations such as the EU MDR, all while ensuring clinical trials run smoothly, patient recruitment is high and dropouts are low.

Our experts in medical device clinical trials can support you with meeting these goals, avoiding delays, extra costs and regulatory issues. We’re experienced in providing support with medical device trials at all stages.

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Patient insight driven strategies

Targeted digital patient recruitment

Diverse and inclusive advertising

pre-screening tools and nurse-led call centre

Patient engagement solutions specific to medical device clinical trials

Innovative patient retention methods

Investigator site management support

Up to date knowledge of regulations

Great knowledge of how to engage with patients on medical device trials. With COUCH Health’s support we managed to reduce dropouts by over 50%.

Head of Patient Engagement
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