of the top 50 pharmaceutical




firms routinely invest in patient engagement*


(reality vs possibilities)

Patient engagement is widely discussed in the clinical research landscape, but how much of what’s being said is just lip service? 

Here’s a quick look at the reality of current patient engagement initiatives, and a guiding glimpse at the possibilities… 

Yet studies built around patients take...

1/2 the time
to recruit...


2x more patients...

and their drugs are 19% more likely to launch.*



of sponsors
don’t ask for any patient feedback*



don’t ask
for input from patients

Yet 1/2 want to know what outcomes are important to patients*

But almost 1/4 have no patient engagement metrics*

tips for driving patient engagement


Engage with patients early and often*

Offer in-home visits

as well as on-site*

Use digital technology to make adherence easier*

Learn more about patients' experiences*

Simplify language in patient comms*

Talk with patients – listen to stories, ask questions*

Post your 'purpose story' on your office door*

Have a 'seat' at the table of every meeting to represent a patient*

Include a story about a patient in every meeting*

Despite strategies, new technologies and techniques to empower patients, improve outreach and better match trials to the patients who need them, as an industry we need to talk less, and do more.

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