Our targeted outreach delivers highly qualified patients with a higher chance of converting to randomised study participants

Clinical study participants have very specific drivers for joining a study. They need to see that your brand clearly understands their concerns and hopes, and keeps these factors central throughout your interactions with them. But in order to understand what will engage and best support a patient in their decision making, you need to know how their condition affects them, not just physically but holistically. It’s this understanding that will determine what study and site materials are relevant, as well as their message and creative.

To understand potential participants and the way their condition affects them, you need to listen to them and turn their comments into actionable insights. 


And by asking questions around their day-to-day lives, you can begin to understand the emotional triggers that relate to their condition.


All of these factors are encapsulated in the journey of a patient and need to be at the foundation of all the study and site support materials you create. This will increase the chance that they will join your study.


Materials that are proven to work

Our approach to creating study and site support materials is two-fold. We focus on developing materials that real people can find and understand, motivating them to make informed decisions. At the same time, we create our materials knowing that they need to be impactful, engaging, and persuasive on an emotional level.

With our understanding of design and the complexities of patient recruitment, we can provide expertise that will increase the engagement with your study. And to prove their effectiveness, we put them

to the test with patients too.

Cultural adaptation of study materials

Market research

Clinical study name, branding & logo creation

Study material writing & design

Study websites

Investigator & staff training & meetings

Print & artwork management


Creating study site support materials that transcend cultural differences and language barriers

When a global heart failure study required site support materials that resonated with patients globally, we created a considered suite of materials based on insight and patient need.


To remedy the fact there were no patient insights, we undertook our own research to uncover the emotional and rational triggers that resonated with people, as people, regardless of their cultural or language differences. And to ensure materials were inclusive, identified any barriers that would stand in the way of people participating.

Then, for real insights to the effectiveness and usability of the materials we created, we put them through user testing with patients.

The result was over 140,000 patient and site facing documents shipped to 900 sites, localised at country and site level, and personalised based on ethnicities, age and gender.


How user testing benefits our materials:

Highlighted specific issues to be rectified

Ensured no patients would be excluded by recruiting a sample of patients that was representative of the general population

Increased our understanding of how patients interact with and react to materials

Improved patient safety by testing whether patients could find and understand key messages

At COUCH Health, we don’t simply develop a standard selection of study site support materials. We approach every challenge with a view to problem solving, using insight, promoting inclusivity and diversity, and always creating with the patient in mind.


If you’d like to hear more about our study and site support services, or would like to discuss how we’d approach solving your challenges, contact us today.


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