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Clinical study populations are well known for not being diverse or representative of intended treatment populations. Is this good enough? We think not. And with regulators set to increase scrutiny on diversity within study populations, you need to act now to stay ahead.

Design a diverse and inclusive clinical trial

To reach an established patient group, or a minority population, you need to engage community leaders, patient advocates, and key opinion leaders. By developing these relationships with your target population, your study will be welcomed and trusted. Our connections with patient advocacy groups, passion and expertise mean we’re ready to support you and investigator sites in engaging with those you find hard to reach.


Benefit from tailored 
diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives


Inclusive and targetted media strategies

Multicultural creatives and digital design

Community outreach and events

Patient engagement in diverse people


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Clinical trial diversity in clinical trials case study

Client:  Top 20 biopharmaceutical company

Indication:  Sickle cell disease

How COUCH Health supported the diversity strategy of a global phase III study

Diversity in clinical trials case study
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As a passionate team who are committed to improving diversity in clinical trials, we offer a free audit to any sponsor looking to improve diversity within their study population.


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