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Client:  Biotechnology company

Indication:  Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD)

Case Study

How our technology solutions reduced investigator site burden and improved patient retention

Reduced dropout rate and costs

Digital patient engagement solution

Informative patient insights


A sponsor and their sites were overburdened due to the size of the global Phase III study and required a solution to reduce burden, and improve patient adherence, compliance and retention on the study.


A survey was conducted among sites and participants to understand why dropouts were high. This identified key challenges:

Investigator sites reported compliance and retention


Participants reported that complexity of the protocol made it too difficult to remember what to do and when


A site-level app was introduced with automated, personalised SMS text messages, emails, calendar alerts, and voice messages to support participants to stay on track with the clinical trial protocol, which would improve adherence, compliance, and retention. The patient reminders and alerts would also reduce the burden on investigator sites and keep patients engaged with the clinical trial.


Post-programme results showed that the implementation of the technology:

  • Improved efficiency through clinical trial site management

  • Reduced patient dropout by 23%

  • Reduced costs associated with patient dropout for sites, as there was reduced need to re-recruit patients to the study by 35%

  • Motivated patients to come to their scheduled appointments and stick with long-term clinical trials

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