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Client:  Mid-size biopharmaceutical company

Indication:  Breast cancer

Case Study

How our patient survey increased understanding of the patient experience

Robust, informed recruitment strategy

Comprehensive patient insight

Over 500 survey responses


The client needed to better understand what impacted patient experiences, and commissioned a survey to explore the patient journey and disease burden, attitudes towards and concerns about clinical trials, and the patient centricity of the protocol. The target for the survey was to collect 500 responses from breast cancer patients, to be used to support an internal business case.


A survey was designed to address all objectives and ensure inclusivity of the intended audience, by publication in both English and Spanish. In addition, implementation was highly targeted and efficient through online advertising.


Within two weeks, over 500 survey responses were obtained.
In total, 46% of responders said they wanted the option to have tests and consultations at home, while 69% of responders selected ‘improve your health’ to be the most motivating factor to participate in a clinical trial. Insights such as these allowed the client to better understand what matters most to patients and create an appropriate, effective recruitment strategy.

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