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Client:  Emerging biopharmaceutical company

Indication:  Type 2 Diabetes

Case Study

How COUCH Health improved patient retention from
27% dropout rate to 13%

Effective patient retention strategy

Comprehensive patient insight

Patient experience evaluation


A global phase III study sponsor needed a patient retention programme to support both participants and sites. There was a 27% dropout rate prior to phase III-launch and due to the nature of the chronic condition, it was important to foster compliance to this generally non-compliant population over the course of three years.


During an audit of patient experiences through a Phase II patient exit survey, communication and motivation were identified as key factors of this population, as no obvious effect from the investigational drug is felt. Therefore, a print and digital programme was developed, for phase III to provide topical information and support tools to both sites and patients highlighting the importance of participation and diabetes prevention.


Post-programme launch, monthly patient dropouts decreased by more than 50%. At data lock stage, the dropout rate for the study was 13%.

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