Patient engagement diversity strategy in clinical trials
patient engagement diversity strategy

Client:  Top 20 biopharmaceutical company

Indication:  Sickle cell disease

Case Study

How COUCH Health supported the diversity strategy of a global phase III study

Inclusive patient recruitment materials

Cultural competency training

Enlightening patient insights

Improved clinical trial diversity


A top 20 biopharma company needed to improve their diversity and inclusion strategy. The aim was to ensure recruited participants were more representative of the sickle cell population.


To understand why the intended treatment population hadn’t been sufficiently represented previously, three clear barriers were identified through an audit:

Inadequate cultural competency training amongst site staff


Linguistic barriers


No translations of investigator site support materials


Based on these insights, an online cultural competency training programme was developed, accessed through live virtual meetings and on-demand learning modules, along with a diversity guide. Investigator site recruitment materials were tailored to be inclusive and translated into relevant languages.


At sites where cultural competency training was implemented and updated investigator site support materials used, more minority patients were successfully recruited.


The sites that weren’t previously recruiting minorities improved their diversification by 39% within three months of completing the training.

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