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Specialist clinical trial support for CROs

Overcome your biggest challenges in patient recruitment and retention

Medical device companies

Patient recruitment remains one of the key challenges faced by study sponsors and CROs. Without a robust, informed strategy, poor patient recruitment rates can soon lead to extensive delays and costs. Even if recruitment is successful, low patient retention can also be the cause of missed targets, inadequate datasets and financial losses.

Achieving long term success requires innovation and efficiency


Our patient-centric, forward-thinking approach helps you and study sponsors avoid delays and extra costs. With the ability to gather and interpret insights from patients in your target population, we understand patients’ motivations and barriers, and predict and prevent potential issues. This means we’re equipped to design the best strategy to support your study and help you meet patient recruitment and retention goals.


We’re experienced in providing support to CROs at all stages of medical product and device development. Whether the study is yet to start, or is failing to hit targets, we partner with CROs to formulate and implement tailored strategies that not only meet those targets, but run seamlessly and efficiently.

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Patient insight driven strategies

Targeted digital patient recruitment

Diverse and inclusive advertising

pre-screening tools and nurse-led call centre

Patient engagement solutions

Investigator site management support

Innovative patient retention methods

Thorough support from start to finish. The team at COUCH Health really knew why meeting our targets was important which meant we recruited the right patients efficiently.

Head of Patient Recruitment
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