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Biopharma solutions for your clinical trial

Increase efficiency while meeting patient recruitment and retention targets

The biopharmaceutical industry is facing increasing challenges in patient recruitment and patient retention. With tight deadlines and pressure to keep costs down, it’s important to have efficient, innovative strategies that increase patient recruitment, minimise dropouts, and keep site burden low. At the same time, biopharma must stay up to date with regulations and the shift towards decentralised trials.

Our patient-centric, forward-thinking approach helps you avoid delays and extra costs, and recruit patients as efficiently as possible. With the ability to gather and interpret insights from patients in your target population, we understand patients’ motivations and barriers that are unique to your study, allowing us to predict and prevent potential issues. The result being both high patient recruitment and retention rates.


With regulatory guidance surrounding patient engagement set to become more prominent in coming years, you need to introduce initiatives now to avoid delays and complications in the future.

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Patient insight driven strategies

Targeted digital patient recruitment

Diverse and inclusive advertising

pre-screening tools and nurse-led call centre

Multichannel patient engagement solutions

Investigator site management support

Innovative patient retention methods


COUCH Health took the time to understand our specific challenges and build a strategy that ultimately helped us improve patient recruitment and retention.

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