Making clinical studies more human

to improve everyone's lives

Our mission:

Our mission to improve everyone’s lives is bold. But to really make a difference, have impact and create change, we have to be.


We demand better health awareness and engagement for all. So we lead the way in helping companies achieve it.


By guiding organisations in making clinical studies more human in everything they do – be more accessible, insightful, empathetic and easier to understand – we put them on the right path to improving people’s lives.


we exist

Our existence is born out of a very personal experience. In 2002, one of our founders lost their father to prostate cancer. Had his doctor been sufficiently educated on the signs to look for, he might still be here today. Had their father understood his own symptoms, he might still be here today. Had his father’s healthcare team been aware of potential life-saving clinical trials, he might still be here today.

And so we are motivated by the profound understanding that, collectively, we need to do better.


we do better

We start and end with the people who will use the communications we develop. Our purpose is to better educate people about anything that can save or improve lives. So we speak to them directly and plainly. We help them understand and act so that they can live happier and healthier lives.

We specialise in connecting with people; be that patients, study sites, investigators, healthcare professionals or communities… and our results speak for themselves. So if you’re looking for better, let’s talk.


we are

Each person who has joined COUCH is driven by a genuine desire to help improve lives. And we each hold ourselves accountable in our mission, because it’s our responsibility to constantly question what we and others deliver – therefore making clinical studies more human.

We ask how can we be better? How can we do more to pioneer the change that’s so desperately needed? By asking these questions we’re able to be more creative and forward-thinking in the solutions we present to you.

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improving 1 million lives by 2022 logo

In 2019, we launched our biggest initiative yet:

to improve the lives of at least 1million people by 2022.

Our 1 Million Lives campaign is designed to help all of us at COUCH Health focus on improving the lives of others in everything we do. Find out more about the initiative, our journey so far, and how you can get involved at 

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